Analisis Citra, Merek, Dan Loyalitas Pelanggan Pada Astra Motor Di Singkawang

  • Eni Dwi Lestari STIE Mulia Singkawang
Keywords: Brand Image,, Customer Loyalty


Singkawang City is currently not only a tourism city but also in business competition, especially in the Singkawang branch of the motorcycle marketing business. One of them is Astra Motor in Singkawang. Astra Motor Singkawang tries to give trust to the brands that are marketed so that they can give a deep impression and are always remembered by consumers. The purpose of this study was to determine how the image, brand and customer loyalty of Astra Motor in Singkawang. This study used a descriptive method in the form of a survey. The data sources came from primary and secondary data. Data collection techniques by means of interviews, questionnaires, and observations. The population of this study was 18,760 members and the sample used was 100 respondents. The results obtained from the recapitulation of respondents's answers with the highest average were found in the brand variable was 4.38 with the very good category, for the average citra image value was 4.22 with the very good category, and the variable that had lowest average value was customer loyalty variable with an average value of 4.17 in the "Good" category.

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